A Tycoon’S Grandiose Wedding

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Alternative: Best Wedding ; A Tycoon's Grandiose Wedding ; A Tycoon’s Grandiose Wedding ; Grandest Wedding ; Haomen De Yi Shenghun ; Háomén dì yī shèng hūn ; 豪门第一盛婚 ; 나를 훔쳐줘! ; 사랑은 도둑질로부터
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Author(s): Big Bear Company Wen Xiaoyao You Lu Wen Hua
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Status: Completed

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"Honey, be a good girl and stay quiet. How are you going to repay me for saving you?" Newly-wed Xia Nuanxin is an out-and-out thief, and meeting Xiao Jueze is the biggest mistake she's ever made. As a result, she has to forcibly submit herself to him.With just a flash of his evil eyes, he carries her away on his shoulder...

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